Academic essays



  • Exploring new models of interspecific communication, Donders Discussions 2017, Radboud University, Nijmegen, 26 October 2017.
  • Understanding the relationship of humans and elephants in Thailand from a cultural perspective, 10th International Conference of HUSOC network, Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, Chiang Rai, 3 February 2017.
  • Worlds and words: Of bats, ticks, and apes, From Ego to Eco: Imagining Ecocentrism in Literature, Film and Philosophy, University of Galway, Galway, 10-11 June 2011.
  • El repte de l'eficiència en la gestió d'una ONG, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Bellaterra, 2009.
  • The papers of Salamanca: War, closure, and re-enactment, Archives: From Memory to Event, University College of London, London, 2007.
  • The novel as tragic form, The Novel: Democracy’s Form?, University of Sussex, Brighton, 2007.
  • Ejercicio de Simulación Empresarial: Desarrollo de competencias genéricas en un entorno virtual, with Eva Rimbau, Jornadas en Red sobre el Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, 2006.


  • Clara de nit, Prize Joan Santamaria 2000 / English translation: Clear is the Night, selected by the Boomerang Theatre’s First Flight Reading Series, off-Broadway, New York City.
  • The Colour, novel by Rose Tremain, translated to Spanish: El color, Edhasa, Barcelona, 2005.
  • The House of Blue Mangos, novel by David Davidar, translated to Catalan: La casa dels mangos blaus, Empúries, Barcelona, 2003.